luni, 9 noiembrie 2009

Aniversare ASUS

Event: World Technical Fair in Ploiesti (The Beautiful and Unique Romania)
Location: TechExpo Centre, 89 Enescu Street
Date: 1st of December 2029 (Romania's national day)

The newest product that ASUS presents at the fair, is the GreenWatch 5 supercomputer, that was launched to celebrate 40 years from the foundation of the company. What's in this name? The computer takes the form of a watch and is supplied from the energy produced by a hybrid system: solar cells - thermocouple - vibration microgenerators. Morover, it takes advantage of the latest developments in the field of video cards and displays. It runs the newly launched Suse Linux 16.3, and disposes of a processor speed of 11.4 GHz.

This press release was written for the SuperBlog 2009 contest.

P.S. Astfel am terminat restantele! :)

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