duminică, 1 noiembrie 2009

Clothes by Quelle

A new phase in the SuperBlog 2009 contest. A new challenge.
Key words: 'imbracaminte'; Quelle;

- Dear fairy, next week I will go to an important job interview, and I'd like it to be a new start for me. On this occasion, I want to have a new office look. And today, there's so hard for me to find things that I really like.
- Have a look at the Source website...
- Source? What Source?
- Quelle, my dear friend.
- Oh, ok. Let's see...
1st item should be the underwear: white tank top (59.90 for two of them), white slips (5 pieces at 99.90) and black socks (4 pairs - 49,90).
- You start from the basics...
- Of course, every detail counts.
2nd item will be the costume... Hmmm, tough choice to make! I have to sort things out... Here it is, I found it: a grey costume (399,90). Grey is not exactly the colour i'd like to wear, but it offers the sobriety one needs in the office in genral, and in a job interview in particular.
- And you'll wear a white shirt!
- Yes, indeed, my dear fairy. Let me see what they have in stock... This was easy :) The white shirt (79,90 RON) with a blue tie.
- You're almost ready.
- Now I get to choose the shoes (199,90) and belt from ecologic leather (79,90). They should be black of course.
- Wallet and Bag?
- One black wallet (99,90). But no bag for men!!!! Lucky me that I already have one :).
- Watch?
- Hope I'll find something really nice... This (129,90) is certainly not what I expected, but is the only one that fits to my new outfit.
- Oh, my dearest, we were to forget something...
- What... what?
- On this cold weather... you'll also need an overcoat...
- Thank you life saviour :)! Nice offer: Umberto Rosetti overcoat at almost half the price: 229,90. This is the big hit in this shopping cart! :) Now everything is in place. I can start preparing the interview.
The end of this winding road!

N.B. All prices are in RON.

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